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with Suriya

You already know that sex can bring back the spark into your relationship and intimate life, but did you also know that it can be ecstatic, a whole body tingling orgasmic experience and so heart-opening you can feel the depths of your own heart?

Everywhere we turn, there are articles about female sexual pleasure. Multiple orgasms, different types of orgasms, crazy sexual positions, Tantric lovemaking rituals… it never ends.

When you are struggling to achieve just one teeny tiny orgasm, can’t even feel anything inside you or you’re trying to have sex that doesn’t actually hurt, anything more than this sounds demoralizing or like a fairy tale.

10 years ago, if you would have told me that I would be able to actually enjoy pain free lovemaking, to have 7 different forms of orgasms, and to have a level of intimacy with my partner that I could have never have dreamed of, I would have laughed in your face.

I opened up to all of these experiences in great part through the healing power of yoni massages, and I want to share with you how it is possible for you too, no matter where you are right now.

And yes, you may keep your skeptic glasses on for now, but only if you promise to read until the end and allow me to explain exactly HOW this works. Who knows, this may just be the answer to a question you’ve had… probably all your life!

I mean, it’s not like there was a class teaching this stuff in high school… or college… or at home… or at the doctor. You know, the places where we’re supposed to learn about this stuff! Pretty much, this information was nowhere (not even on big Google – not if you were looking as a way to heal yourself and not just kinky sex)

Pelvic floor muscles can be weakened due to childbirth, lack of training, age, or hormonal changes. They can also be tensed due to stress, trauma, emotional imbalances, or the incorrect practice of Kegel exercises. To make it worse, for some women (like it was for me), the pelvic floor muscles can both be weakened AND tensed!

What that actually means for your experience during sex, is that these imbalances can cause vaginismus (painful intercourse), numbness, and your inability to reach orgasm no matter how many crazy sexual positions magazines tell you to try.

Female sexuality is a big deal

Western culture, unfortunately, is often both hypersexualized and sex-negative, giving young girls impossibly conflicting messages. Be attractive, but not “slutty”. Be sexually open, but modest and private. Earn the attention of men by flaunting your sexual attractiveness, but don’t manipulate or become a sexual object. You are criticized no matter what you do! And because of this mentality, when we grow up, most women experience some level of sexual harassment, and many experience some form of sexual assault as we are unable to navigate our sexuality in a healthy way.

Is it any surprise that so many women’s sexualities suffer as a result?

We store all of this tension in the pelvic area and sacred yoni massages gently relax and tone your yoni by accessing external and internal pressure points, using massage techniques to increase blood flow to the area, and “mapping” the yoni (vagina), which strengthens the connection between the brain and the pelvic area. This greatly increases sensitivity, juiciness and pleasure in the yoni.


Directly treating a tense pelvic area is a powerful way to release stored trauma, to empower us again in our understanding of what is going on “down there”, and to rediscover the incredible power of the integrated woman, helping us to bring forth our innate playfulness, joy, and healthy sexuality.

tantric massage

The result? The door to a whole new world of sexual experiences is blown wide open.

WHY? Because this is one of the most crucial steps. You could study day and night and mentally understand everything I’m telling you, but it is not until you DO it, and do it in the right way, that your body will start to open up naturally, instinctively, to layer upon layer of hidden pleasure you didn’t know were hiding INSIDE you.

The Benefits of a Sacred Yoni Massage

Improving Physical and Emotional Health as a Woman

  • Better blood flow and blood circulation to the area, including better periods ( that are shorter and with less pms symptoms! It can even improve your GYN exams)
  • Healing past traumas and pain while having sex and finally opening your body to experience deep, whole body or even energetic orgasms…even if you’ve never had one!
  • Be less in your head and more in your heart by opening up and becoming more vulnerable and authentic with yourself, in your relationships, and while expressing your sexuality
  • Feel SAFE to be sensual and sexual in a healthy way, while you will naturally gravitate towards better choices for partners and lovers by intuitively knowing what you want in a relationship and in life

Exploring Tantric Potential

  • Be clearer on what your sexuality means, while coming to terms with your own individual (and often playful/sexy/juicy) expression as a sexual woman
  • Finally understand your body and all its hidden pleasure zones, knowing exactly how to stimulate yourself so you can communicate your needs to your partner
  • Use this powerful sexual energy to heal yourself from within, clear up your chakras, and even manifest things you’ve wanted for a long time
  • Open up to full orgasmic potential and activate within you the 7 different forms of orgasm, including the production of kalas (female ejaculation, or “squirting”)

A Message for Partners

It can be frustrating, discouraging, and even painful to see that your partner can’t respond fully to sensual pleasure when you touch her. You could be the most skilled lover in the world, but if her pelvic area is tense, numb or in pain, all those skills become useless. Not to mention the suffering emotional connection in a relationship when sexual interaction is troubled.

The good news is that sexual trauma, and physical or emotional trauma stored in the pelvic area, can be released and healed. I will share the process I used to bring healing and release to hundreds of women over the past 8 years, even those in the most excruciating and traumatizing circumstances.

You will develop your capacity to bring a woman sexual pleasure that goes beyond her body and into her BEING, in ways you never knew were possible! This is the end of ordinary sexual experiences, and the beginning of transformative Tantric lovemaking.

Sacred yoni massages create a container in which you can guide your partner to reconnect with her body, activate her multiorgasmic potential, open her heart to you and experience the sacredness of her sexual energy. It can be one of the most intensely healing experiences of her life, and you get to share it together with her.

What the Sacred Yoni Massage Course Covers

Sacred Yoga Massage - Suriya Nitschke
Sacred Yoga Massage - Suriya Nitschke
Sacred Yoga Massage - Suriya Nitschke

Yes, you will learn the step by step process of how to give a sacred yoni massage, with detailed, close-up video demonstrations of each technique, and all the preparatory steps to allow this massage to be deeply healing and transformative on many levels, including:

  • How to set up the right physical, mental, and emotional space for deep healing to occur
  • How to hold space for her during the sacred yoni massage
  • How to use massage and sexual energy as tools for transformation and how to guide a woman into bliss, openness, and higher states of consciousness
  • Simple instructions for a preparatory sensual massage including breasts, abdominal massage and even a yummy bum massage that will make her body open up
  • Locations of the SRA (stress releasing acupressure) points both outside and inside the yoni, and how to work with them
  • The process of “mapping” the yoni to increase a woman’s conscious awareness of sensations in the yoni
  • Guiding a woman to control the sensations and movements within the yoni
  • How to work through trauma and negative sexual beliefs
  • How to release tensions and pain from the yoni and pelvic floor area
  • How to find the different orgasmic areas such as G-Spot, A-Spot, P-Spot, Cervix, K-spot and more specifically, how to stimulate them
  • How to move energy in a woman’s body, and how to understand the structure of the energy body
  • Practical principles for guiding a woman to deeper blissful pleasure, and mind-blowing orgasms
  • Juicy techniques for expanding sexual pleasure, accessing multiple orgasms and even the specific movement for female ejaculation (“squirting”)
  • Clear and simple-to-follow instructions for a complete sacred yoni massage session, including demonstrations of each step with a live model so you know exactly how it’s done

Go even deeper!

I am giving you the BONUS guide to Tantric Sexuality for your astrological sign so you know exactly what she wants from your touch and a second BONUS Video on the 7 different forms of orgasms and how to achieve them!! These bonuses take the course beyond yoni massages and into a full mini course on tantric sexuality.

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About Your Instructor

So…why should you even trust me as your teacher?

I have studied Tantra and various healing modalities over the years that have helped me unveil layers of my own femininity, overcoming past traumas and subconscious limitations. My personal work has allowed me to develop a deeper acceptance of myself, which I now use to guides others to realize as well.

I have many years of experience as a Yoga Teacher, Body Worker, and Tantra Instructor. As a Yoga Therapy Consultant, I have helped people find inner peace and healing through natural means, accessing the inner wisdom of their own bodies hiding beneath.

I studied natural and traditional healing methods, including homeopathy, iridology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbal medicine, Shiatsu, process-oriented psychology, and reflexology, which I continuously bring into my healing and understanding as a practitioner, especially when working with women’s bodies on a one on one basis.

Suriya Nitschke

Suriya Nitschke

What Participants Say

“I was raped at the age of 15 when I was virgin. I think that I refused to admit that it was a huge trauma and I preferred to “erase” it from my mind since then. Afterwards, I had many boyfriends. Sometimes it was long-lasting a couple of years and sometimes a couple of months. The pattern was always the same. I was attracted at the beginning and I could appreciate an intercourse even if I never ever had an orgasm in my life. Except the clitoris one that I was giving to myself. After 2 or 3 months in the relationship, I had no more libido and this happened in all my relationships. In order to keep them “alive”, I was forcing myself to have sex. Sometimes it was ok but sometimes it was very traumatic. I wouldn’t say that it was like another rape because I had love feelings for those guys but it was traumatic because my yoni and my mind were totally disconnected. So when I arrived at Suriya’s place, I was carrying 15 years of traumatic sexuality with myself.

My experience with her was totally mind-blowing. First of all Suriya and me took the time to talk about all of this. She was listening carefully and I felt safe in her house. I could feel the compassion in her eyes. Suriya was really present, she offered me a Yoni massage with Love. First of all she allowed me to discover my own body. She was mapping my vagina each time she was touching a different area. She was accompanying me with the breath, in order to stay present and connected. This experience was for me the first time that I was connected to my own body. I started to understand what pleasure could mean. And I am talking about pure pleasure, free of judgment, passionate games or seduction. I would love to continue my therapy with Suriya because she gave me hope that it is never too late to change, to build another kind of sexuality, a conscious and pure one. I highly recommend every woman to offer themselves such a magical gift. Embracing our femininity is beautiful and mainly when we are wrapped by a healer like Suriya.”

Cindy, 31, Switzerland

“As a woman laden with pain during sex, I was apprehensive, feeling that this type of very physical therapy could never work for me. In fact it was quite the opposite – Suriya was able to show me how this pain is connected with old traumas, supporting me fully as we worked through letting them go on physical and emotional levels as I witnessed their diminishing presence and the power of her work. She also gave my husband the opportunity to complete these exercises on my behalf, empowering us as a couple to continue to do this work together and ultimately benefit from an enhanced physical, spiritual and emotional relationship.

I would recommend Suriya to any couple, whether pain during sex is an issue, there is a disconnect in your intimate relationship or if you have simply fallen into a rut. Her kind and embracing presence will bring you the safety and support you need to openly approach your most intimate parts (physically, emotionally and spiritually!). She also provides anecdotes on her own path of healing, relating to you through her own experiences and thus helping to legitimize your struggles, fears and healing processes as they surface throughout the session. She is a born teacher and a gifted healer; her practice can be nothing but beneficial to any who courageously undertakes it.”

Tyler, 33, US / Steve, 44, UK

“My husband and I have been married for 12 years now and like all couples we had settled into a very comfortable strong bond with each other. Though the sex was great but over the years it had become a little flat till we discovered this online yoni massage tutorial. My husband sat through the 2 hour video with rapt attention taking down notes. He has been practising ever since on me. He has learnt to hold the space beautifully for me and help me release my trauma through massaging my yoni and different pressure points on my body.

It is such a wonderful feeling to receive such a mindful touch from him. My body reacted so differently. I felt like both of us were discovering my body for the first time. My layers of resistance fell off one by one and i found myself flowing with the energies that came to life within me. I finally understood what it means to let go and experienced my female ejaculation for the first time. I strongly recommend this video to anyone who wants to understand the female body and wants to create a deeper intimacy with their partner.”

Persis, 38, India

Curriculum: What You Will Learn

Module 1

In this Module, I share with you the tantric principles and secret techniques from the tradition especially in relation to the sublimation of your sexual energy, to the healing on all levels and to full body orgasms. A must for everyone on the tantric path!

Module 2

This Module explains all you need to know about your different energy centers, the so called chakras and their connection to your sexuality, juiciness and ability to orgasm. Definitely something not to miss out on!

Module 3

This is a revealing Module on how we can find out about tensions within. How to free ourselves from those challenges and stored traumas for good. Learn how to create a sacred space, so that deep transformation and profound bliss is possible.

Module 4

Here you will learn by example on a live model how to sensually prepare the body for the juicy yoni experience, including the breasts, the abdomen and a yummy bum massage. Finally moving through a full yoni massage and exploring the G-Spot, A-Spot, Cervix and female ejculation!

Join now and get the bonus videos FREE

Yes, our astrological sign influences our sexuality, and you get to understand exactly HOW with the Bonus Video Course… These are teachings you’ll find nowhere else, that I learned through years of sessions with hundreds of women just like you. PLUS get the video gift on how to reach the 7 different forms of orgasms!!


Now only US$369

Here Are All The Details You Were Waiting For

  • A lifetime access to the video course, with over 3 hours of step-by-step instruction, and demonstrations with a live tantric model so you SEE exactly how it’s done
  • Easy to understand videos that you can watch in the comfort of your home
  • Downloadable pdfs of all lectures and Sacred Yoni Massage Checklist. Print it out so you don’t forget a step!
  • Go even DEEPER with guided exercises you can do by yourself or with a partner to bring greater connection and fun exploring each other
  • A secret Facebook group where you can ask me and other women for support. You won’t feel like the only woman who has that question or who is trying something different!
  • Learn at your own pace in your own home and have a beautiful juicy date with yourself or your partner to go through the teachings
  • My personal list of music for a Sacred Yoni Massage that will allow you to both relax and get you in the mood
  • My Money-Back guarantee – I believe in this course and it’s ability to both heal and help you achieve your sexual potential. if you complete the entire course, and honestly feel you did not get value from the experience, please email us your feedback within 30 days of purchase for the evaluation of your full refund.

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Now only US$369


  • This online course provides information for practising sacred yoni massage with a friend or lover. It does not qualify you as a professional therapist.
  • Working with sexual trauma can be complex and challenging. Seek professional guidance if you suspect a history of sexual trauma.
  • The information posted here does not replace professional medical diagnosis, treatment or even advice. You should always consult a qualified professional with questions about any medical condition, including psychological conditions.
  • Bodywork can unexpectedly trigger forgotten traumas. If at any time during a sacred yoni massage, the receiver experiences any physical, mental or emotional symptoms they or you consider to be unusual and concerning, stop the massage and move immediately to the final stage (completion and integration). Seek professional support.
  • We keep the right to change, modify or remove the online course anytime if it’s prohibited or being terminated by external authorities and we won’t be able to give a refund in that case.

Blossoming Into Bliss – Free Online Course (for men and women)

This 6 part video training strives to bring pleasure based sexual education into your home, by sharing how to boost your pelvic floor health with practices to bring awareness, strength and relaxation (including how to heal vaginal numbness), 7 ways to practice self-love, and a guided exercise on how to lift your mood with the Breath of Joy.

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