Blossoming Into Bliss- The Workshop for high achieving leadership women

“Blossoming Into Bliss” is not only the title of my book about woman’s health and sexual healing

it is also a deep wish of mine to share the journey of arriving at the bliss of who we are in this upcoming one-hour workshop Monday 12th Sept. at 7pm EST

“You are the manifestation of divine perfection.”

But how many women do feel like that?

When I started my exploration of sexuality about 10 years ago, I did not experience any of those 7 different forms of orgasm the Yogis talk about.
I felt sexually frustrated, pain during intercourse, or even numbness in my body. I decided to go on a discovery journey to find my way into those blissful blossoming heights the yogis talk about and this decision changed my life forever!

In this workshop, I share my own experience on how to deepen our fullest sexual potential as a woman and how to unleash and use this force within us

for our transformation, spiritual evolution, and success in life.

The importance of a healthy pelvic floor plays a major role in unleashing our deepest potential which does not only depend on those famous Kegel exercises and training the PC muscle.

The teachings on the pelvic floor go beyond the common understanding of pelvic floor imbalances and you may discover facts that will blow your mind and open you up to a completely different understanding of female health.

Again and again, we have heard about the powerful, even multiorgasmic potential of women’s bodies. Many women, however, do not experience pleasure – let alone deep internal orgasms – during intercourse.
Past traumas can manifest in various ways that block us often without our clear awareness. Childhood abuse, an emotionally abusive environment, sexual assault or violations, subtle incidents that we did not consciously consider abusive, and maybe even past life imprints may have contributed to a heavy burden that has partially closed down our potential.

Many different tools can guide us in letting go of the past to unchain our fullest potential as a woman.
All those different facets and aspects are playing a major role in our blossoming into bliss process.

Let us move deeper and deeper within ourselves and let us discover those hidden treasures and our deepest potential.

Join the Blossoming Into Bliss Workshop on, Monday 12th September at 7pm EST, 35 $

About Your Instructor

So…why should you even trust me as your teacher?

I have studied Tantra and various healing modalities over the years that have helped me unveil layers of my own femininity, overcoming past traumas and subconscious limitations. My personal work has allowed me to develop a deeper acceptance of myself, which I now use to guides others to realize as well.

I have many years of experience as a Yoga Teacher, Body Worker, and Tantra Instructor. As a Yoga Therapy Consultant, I have helped people find inner peace and healing through natural means, accessing the inner wisdom of their own bodies hiding beneath.

I studied natural and traditional healing methods, including homeopathy, iridology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbal medicine, Shiatsu, process-oriented psychology, and reflexology, which I continuously bring into my healing and understanding as a practitioner, especially when working with women’s bodies on a one on one basis.

Suriya Nitschke

Suriya Nitschke

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